• What is happening with us? Well, we are still open and trading. But our gates are shut to the general public.                
  • How do I get what I need? You can call us on (01624 827338) and place your order that way or you can head over to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/southernhomeiom) and order via message.                             
  • How do I pay If you decide to start a sale with us via any of the above mentioned, we will take payment over the phone and attach your receipts to your invoice.                                                                             
  • How can I get my items? After purchase, you can arrange to meet us at the gate for collection, or we can arrange delivery.                                                                                                             
  • Are you still open as normal? Yes, we are 9-5 Monday to Saturday, 10 – 4 Sunday.


*Current Promotions*

Johnstone’s paints 20% off 

Placemats and Coasters 10% off


Most of our prices in-store have been revised and changed to better suit our existing and any new customers needs.

We post regularly on our website and Facebook so be sure to keep your eyes out on them for any deals or new product lines,

We hope you guys stay safe, please dont hesitate to call us about anything.

Southern Home.